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Text Box: SOCIAL POLICY NETWORK: Call for Interest for Participation 
The Social Policy and Action Organization has announced a Call for Interest to participate in the Social Policy Network
The Social Policy Network will be open to the following entities from Cyprus and abroad: 
Governmental Authorities
Private Entities
For more information kindly contact the Network’s Coordinator info@socialpolicyaction.org
WELFARE PROGRAMME - CarePackgesCY: Collection of Food and Cloths. Call for Volunteers 
The Social Policy and Action Organization has announced the launch of the social programme  entitled CarePackagesCY. A Programme of love, giving and solidarity for all those in need. Website: http://paketa-agapis.webnode.com/
Contact us and send a Package of Love to those in need: 
If you have food, cloths or other essentials you wish to offer.
If you have furniture or other household items you don’t need and wish to give away. We will arrange for transportation. 
If you know people or families in need that they urgently need help. We will come in direct contact with them to register their needs. 
If you are an Organization or a Group of volunteers wishing to offer their services to those in need. 
If you are a person or a family who need urgent help or support contact us via phone on 99306626.
If you are a company of a service provider and you wish to offer your services FREE OF CHARGE to those in need. 
CONTACT INFO: Tel. 99-306626        E-mail: info@socialpolicyaction.org

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